Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Random thoughts - birthing babies, great idea and self portrait

This whole thing about Scientologist mamas birthing babies silently is just freaking me out. Sure maybe it works for some women but if anyone told me during labor that I had to be silent, well I would have slapped them, and I am not a violent person.

I was not a screamer during child birth, but I definitely did quite a bit of moaning and grunting. Labor should be about listening to your body, doing what you need to do to get that baby out of you and if that involves talking than just do it. It is an amazing experience and somehow by making the whole thing silent is just really freaky to me. It seems so cultish, think Rosemary's Baby. If you are currently pregnant do not watch this movie, I made that mistake at 7 months with our first daughter. Anyway, for some reason I picture Tom Cruise as the appointed Prince of Scientology sent out among us mortals to find a woman suitable to be the mother of his offspring (meaning she must be taller than him). She is impregnated with the hopes that her child will become the next L. Ron Hubbard. Anyone else feel that way?

As I was riding from my home in the eastside over to where I work on the westside I began to think of a "job co-op". I like my job, my co-workers are great and I have no complaints, well maybe one little one, the commute takes too long. So as I sit on the MAX train and watch all the people waiting for their trains headed in the opposite direction I stumbled upon the idea of creating a co-op where people who live on one side of the Portland Metropolitan area but work on the other side could log onto a website to look for a similar job in the area of town where they live. This opportunity would be posted by the person that currently has that job but who liveson the other side of town from where he/she's job is. Does this make sense yet? I figured that I can't be the only one who likes my job, but hates the commute. There must be other people who live over on the westside and commute to the eastside, who love their jobs but just hate the commute, with the acceptance of their company we could provide a work exchange where we switch positions and stay in touch for the first few weeks to ease the transition. This would be a win-win situation. The company wins because it doesn't have to be left frantically trying to fill a spot for a position that they would otherwise have open if someone just up and left. Second, the company gains a fabulous employee who is much happier because they were able to reduce their commute time and spend more time dedicated to their jo B. Has anyone thought of this before? If not do you think it is a possibility?


Self Portrait on MAX train 3/30


sunshine scribe said...

While I respect anyone's right to birth however they choose, I'm with you that Silent Birthing just freaks me out. There is no WAY I could manage it personally. Feels very represssive on so many levels.

Re Job co-oping. Fabulous idea. I don't think anyone would WANT my job though

The Carnivorous Hippy said...

I agree that silent birthing seems wierd. But the link you provided says that "moaning and groaning" are acceptable. Though, words are not.
I tend to be chatty... so, the whole thing is a no-go for me.

thanks for the nice post,

honey said...

hmmmm, I switch with you since I'm on the Westside... but I'm a SAHM, so that wouldn't do you any good. I can just see the manager-types scratching their heads at this idea and finding a million reasons for why it wouldn't work. Ok, maybe I can just see my old troll, I mean boss, doing that.

had to de-lurk and say "hi!"

Oh, and ITA on the Cruise/Scientology thing. bleh!