Monday, April 17, 2006


I am having a very muddy day today. You know those days where you have all of the ideas floating around in your head but when you sit down to write about them they just seem to disappear? Do you know what I am talking about?

I believe this muddy syndrome stems off of our exciting Easter yesterday. Well it wasn't that exciting, it was just tiring. S was out of town at the coast for a gig and he didn't get home until yesterday afternoon. My parents were in town visiting and getting the kids completely hyped up. My parents have that way about them. They love playing with the kids but the kids get so overly excited that they tend to hit melt down about 30 minutes after waking. Too many things to do, look at, or talk about not to mention the choices of activities presented to them. So you top that off with a nice helping of chocolate marshmallow rabbit first thing in the morning and it makes for a long day.

We are not a religious family, but I like to think of myself as being spiritual. For me Easter has always represented a day of peace. Relaxing and being with your family. That is not the case when you have two kids under 4 years old that do not have candy on a regular basis. They become whining and clings and on a hunt for more and more candy. So I am seriously starting to rethink the whole Easter basket thing. At least for a few years. There is no reason why my 1 1/2 year old needs a chocolate bunny. It just makes her into a spaced out kid within an hour. I decided that next year the Easter Bunny will deliver fresh produce with the eggs. Wouldn't that be nice?

"Here Cat come eat your fresh bunch of carrots, the EB picked them from his garden just for you."

"Here Aly come have some yummy radishes, they are just as red as those jelly beans but they are much better for dipping in your ranch dressing."

Maybe I can do that now before my children catch on to the crap I am dishing them.

Now that I rethink this, I wonder if the real reason I feel muddy is because I ate too much candy myself. Now I am cranky and sleepy and can't think. Maybe I need those carrots and radishes to make me feel a little more normal? Or maybe I could just stop by the store on the way home for all of the 50% off left over candy they have. If I do you will be seeing another muddy response tomorrow.

Did I say I can't think today? Mmmm this chocolate bunny sure is good!


Stephanie said...

Good job on the new layout. Everything looks good to me so far using Firefox. I am looking forward to seeing the finished version.
Did you try validating the coding through W3C? (
I was just wondering, because I did try and my coding didn't pass. But I wondered if it was because of Blogger's special non-standard tags.

I live with the muddiness everyday. But, yeah, it did seem worse after I finished off a bag of jelly beans.

something blue said...

The easter bunny brought books and sand box toys. Well there was a few chocolates. Ok, I admit my 9 month old even got a chocolate chicken but being a good mom, I ate it for her.

I've overdosed on chocolate! You'd think I'd get tired of it.

Mrs. Chicky said...

I'm always "muddy" after eating a lot of sugar. But is that going to stop me from eating Easter candy? Noooooo.