Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mama Land - the beginning

I have been reading a few posts lately about why we choose the names we do for our blogs, both Sunshine Scribe and Stephanie posted today on this very subject. So why did I choose Life in Mama Land? Well originally I was going to call the site Cat and Aly after my kids and because it reminded me of that 80s show "Kate and Allie". But then I realized that really I wanted to have this blog to talk about the things I deal with as a mama and not just my kids, no matter how wonderful and beautiful the two of them are, and believe me they are the cutest things ever.

I picked Life in Mama Land because when I was just trying to become pregnant for the first time I found this group of wonderful women who opened up this new world to me. The first group that I was involved in was called "Hip Mamas to Be", we met on Babycenter when we were all trying to conceive. We were from all over the country and one of us was even living in South America at the time. We had all different religious, political and cultural beliefs yet what tied us all together was this want to be mothers and to be the best mothers we could be.

So we are all living in Mama Land, it binds us all together. Once you decide you want to be a mother whether trying to get pregnant or adopting you are making a conscious decision to put someone else's well being above your own. When it finally happens and your baby is put into your arms you begin this emotional struggle on how you can take this precious child, take care of them as best you can and yet not lose yourself. It often feels like a limbo land, not sure what to do all the time but just going with your gut, trusting your feelings and trusting your child, that is when you are in Mama Land.

When I had my second child Aly, who is now almost 20 months old, I began to search out another group of women who had two children and in my case two girls. I stumbled upon City Mama and I loved the honesty that she portrayed on her own blog. Our girls are pretty much the same age and when I was researching moving to Portland she offered up so much information about the city and all the great things there are for kids. She is celebrating her second blogiversary (is that a word) and she continues to be a blogging inspiration.

As I was thinking about this topic today I was looking over all of the blogs I have on my blogroll and there are so many different moms out there. I have Republicans and Democrats, Pro-choice and Pro-life, Christians and atheists. I think that is the coolest thing ever. I don't judge people if their beliefs differ from mine, because it doesn't really change the fact of whether they are great mothers or not, all that matters is that they love their kids.

So with that out of the way I figured I would introduce myself a little better. My name is Heather, I grew up in Seattle, moved to the Bay Area in 1998 where I started dating my soon to be husband. We married in 2000 and moved that same year to Sacramento where we lived until last summer when we moved here. While living in Sacramento I worked for 4 years on a contract with the State of California working on policy and communication issues for a water quality agency. We had our first daughter Cat in 2002 and our second daughter Aly in 2004. We are currently living in Portland and plan on staying here the rest of our lives. I have a BA from Evergreen State College in Natural Resource Policy but am currently working as a project coordinator with an engineering company. We will not be having any more kids and are happy with two girls. My parents have been married almost 36 years and remain an inspiration, they are still in love and are the best grandparents. I have one younger brother who is very different from me, but I love him with all my heart. My husband is a working musician, he plays the saxophone, and is a SAHD, he has more patience then he gives himself credit for being home with the kids all day. He was an elementary school band teacher before we moved here and hopes to go back to teaching once the kids are in school full time. We have a black lab named Mojo, who we adopted back in 2001 and was our practice kid. He is so great with the kids and lets them climb all over him. I am a Democrat (most of the time), pro-choice, and do not attend church but I do study religions of the world and if I were to pick one it would most likely be Buddhism. I love to knit, sew and garden when I am not hanging out with my kids. My husband and I also used to kayak a lot before the kids came along and as they get older we plan on getting back into it again, we have even considered getting a canoe to use as a family.

Anything else you guys want to know about me? Just ask, I would be more than happy to answer.


sunshine scribe said...

Hey there Heather. I like your blog name and really enjoyed reading this post to learn more about you. There is like 15 things I could say in response to all that you wrote here. And if you were sitting across from me in a coffee shop I'd now talk your ear off!

Stephanie said...

Way cool that your hubby is a SAHD and a musician.

It is weird how we can all contect, even though fundamentally we are so different.
My blogroll is the same as yours, I don't care if your different. I good friend is a good friend. The only exception I have is if you are very voicy about you beliefs and opinions and how I should change mine. But then again, those blogs don't make it to my blogroll.

Thanks for the history.

landismom said...

Great description of your philosophy of mothering, and nice to have some background on you. I'm looking forward to reading more.

Mrs. Chicky said...

Hi Heather. Pleased to meet you. This was a very honest and interesting post - I liked it a lot!

sunshine scribe said...

Heather, I am so sorry to do this. Sincerely. But I've been sucked into a tag vortex and I've elected to drag you down with me. You are it :)