Thursday, April 06, 2006

Blogging Resolution

I have a new blogging resolution starting today. I will use my morning commute to compose my posts, then when I get into work I will paste them into . I can check up on other sites during lunch, make comments during my afternoon break and then think about ideas on my commute home from work (I have over an hour commute each way, so believe me I have some time to think.)

Why this new resolution? Well, I have begun to stay up much later than I should to make sure that I post. In return I can barely drag myself out of bed in the morning to go to work, let alone stay focused throughout the whole day. I have become addicted to this blog. I used to write in journals all the time during college, when I was dealing with stress, it was a natural way to get out all my feelings and work through any issues. I have found that after starting this blog I have not felt as stressed about life, work and the kids. I think that is why there are so many mommy blogs out there, we mamas are able to find our voice again. I am so happy to have found this community, not just of mom blogger but of all bloggers in general. Everybody sing … "God Bless the Blogging World, Sites that I Love". Okay back to my point, I find that I have become a blogging advocate with my friends. So far I have not converted anyone, but my husband has started a site on for his music since the many bands he is involved in all have myspace sites that he can link up to.

So how do you fit in blogging with life? Do you find yourself wanting to check on other blogs throughout the day? Do you write when the kids are around? Or do you wait for a quiet moment to yourself. What is your blogging style and how has it changed your outlook on life?


Stephanie said...

I find myself mentally re-enacting stuff that happens to me all the time. When somethings interesting or funny happens, my first thought now is 'I am SO going to blog about this. I am constantly forming sentences and paragraphs in my head like my brain is an unseen blog.

I have said it before. There has to be a 12 step program, because I am in denile.

I will check on other blogs in the morning before Mark wakes up. Then I post and finish checking up during his nap. It is the only time I can be on the computer without someone else trying to push on the keyboard.

Cityslicker Mom said...

I think on the way to work is a great idea. I do that alot too. My husband's truck that I drive to work in doesnt have a stereo in it so I get lots of "thinking" time without even trying. Might as well make use of your commute!

sunshine scribe said...

I totally haven't got my blog style or my blog time-management figured out. Your plan sounds good though. I usually either grab a moment after my son's in bed or mid-day as a reprieve from my work.