Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Two Peas in a Pod : Two Girls in a Room

Our girls are now sharing a room. This change came about under the guise of convincing ourselves that what is really best for our girls is for them to share a room, bonding, sisterly love, yada, yada, yada. But the true reason is one of pure selfishness. I wanted my own room, well it isn't just my room, it will the office/my room/guest room. I want my own craft/sewing/blogging space where I can get away from toys, music gear, dirty dishes and just create. This will make me a better mama because it will allow me to get closer to that old gal I used to know. When I was Heather B and not Heather J, when I would just dig through my fabric collection and decide to just start sewing, or pick up my journal, grab the french press and write (now it is my laptop and some tea), or just be a lazy ass doing nothing but reading some crappy tabloid magazines. My own space will allow me to do all of this, I hope, and sure it may only be for 5 minutes of each day, but it will be my five minutes. Is that too much for a tired, overworked, loving mama to ask for? Please girls, I pray you love being roommates and that you never, ever, want to move out of your room, because I'm not giving my room up without a fight.

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