Monday, March 06, 2006

Toilet seat up opens a can of worms

Do you ever say something to your kids and realize as the words are coming out of your mouth that you have just opened a can of worms? Here is a conversation I had with Cat yesterday when I found her going potty with the toilet seat up:

Mama: Cat, what are you doing?

Cat: Going potty.

Mama: No, why is the toilet seat up?

Cat: (turning to look at the raised seat of the toilet) Silly Aly playing with the toilet.

Mama: I think Daddy left the toilet seat up. (Let me say this is something that S never does, he is very respectful of the girls in the house)

Cat: Mama, is Daddy being silly?

Mama: No, Daddy goes potty with the toilet seat up because he doesn’t need to sit. Boys can stand when they go pee. (oh boy, why couldn’t I have just said, yes silly Daddy).

Cat: (with a very quizzical look on her face, I can see her trying to figure this one out on her own) Pee standing?

Mama: Yes, boys can go pee standing up because their pee comes out (at this point I go completely over her head and start giving her an anatomy lessons hoping the more scientific I am the less questions she will ask later. Plus as I am writing this at work and I need to edit my response as not to send out any flags)

Cat: Can I have one?

Mama: No, you are a girl, only boys have those.

Cat: Okay Mama, then when I become a boy I can have one.

Mama: (not wanting to get into a medical discussion that will just add more confusion to the conversation.) Ummm . . . do you want a snack?

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Kristen said...

Smart girl. That's pretty funny!!