Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Sunshine Scribe, Chicky Chicky Baby, and Bridger Mama

Sunshine Scribe is a great new mama blog just started this month, not like I am a veteran or anything starting mine up in January. The post about being treated like an "older" lady by a bunch of college girls just made me laugh and I could really, I mean really relate. Ever try shopping at the Gap lately, I feel really old going in there. Maybe that is why I do most of my own shopping online. Very talented writer and she will definitely be a daily read for me.

Another new mama blogger, at least to me, is Chicky Chicky Baby. Her post about how your kids can look into your soul was right on target with me. My kids give me that "you're dishing us a load of crap right now aren't you mama?" look.

Today Bridger Mama (another PDX mama) posted about her "lump". This post made me cry, made me want to go home and hug my kids, and made me want to go find Bridger Mama and give her a hug as well. She has an adorable little boy, just check out the pictures, and a great blog, that is definitely better than mine.


Mrs. Chicky said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out, nice lady! You Portland Gals are okay in my book.
I'll be readin' ya!

sunshine scribe said...

You rock! Thanks for making my day. How nice of you to be so generous to a newbie and her freshman blog. I'll be readin' ya too!

petite gourmand said...

I actually just stumbled upon chicky baby and sunshine scribe myself today, both great blogs.
there are so many excellent writers out there, I'm still wet behind the ears, but it's pretty fun finding all these interesting and funny blogs.
yours of course included.

Bridgermama said...

Ah shucks! So don't deserve it! your blog has definitely become one of my favorites. Once I get my blogroll going you will be on it!

Stephanie said...

That story at BriderMama was really touching. I will have to check out the other blogs.

something blue said...

I agree! I've been loving their blogs.

And I'm really happy to have discovered yours via Sunshine Scribe. I've spent some time reading your posts and you are very insightful. I'm a fan!