Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spring is right around the corner

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Since this is the last weekend of winter I thought I would look forward to spring and all of the great projects that await. I came across the fabric on and just love it. The color is so vibrant and happy. I need to make a pillow or something from it. I would be super cute on a quilt for one of the girls or a little jumper. I am getting antsy wanting to make something.

Speaking of getting antsy, we have them and I hate them. We have dealt with them before in previous homes and we have only seen a couple around but I am, of course, fearing the worst and am sure they are the dreaded carpenter ant. Please do not let this be true because when I was a kid our bathroom got infested with them. We had to have the house fumigated and the bathroom redone. Right now we have just found them around one of the kitchen windows. So let us think happy non-ant thoughts and maybe they will just go away when the weather gets a little nicer.

Nicer weather means I have to get these inside projects done because the kids are wanting to get out in the backyard. Which means we need to get the backyard all cleaned up and kid friendly for the slightly warmer weather. We picked up a great kids picnic table ($15) at the Rebuilding Center on N. Mississippi. Those of you that live in Portland and have not been there are missing out on some great home finds. Check it out and let your imagination run wild. I already know I will be back to pick up some pieces to use in our garden.

Oh, also check out my post below. I mentioned Zee's Designs is having a blog makeover and I would love some help. I do not advertise on my site, I only talk about things that I like. I love her website the colors and craftiness of it all. Plus she left me a comment and since I only have a few people that read this blog (or at least that comment) I really appreciate that. So to those other readers, check out her site by clicking on her icon below or over at the side.

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Cityslicker Mom said...

you know, i HAVE heard of that rebuilding place but been to lazy to check it out. i will have to go see what i can find there. Today is an awesome work in the yard day,so we're trying to do some of that.