Wednesday, March 15, 2006

She's a crafty mother

Or at least I try to be. I figure the more I craft the more I will become crafty. I think I need a business card that reads "HeatherJ, she one crafty mother".

I posted below about my new space that I am gaining due to my youngest daughter giving me her room. I mean how lucky am I to have such a wonderful girl who would give her room to make her mama happy. When I asked her if I could have her room she smiled at me and said "Mama, Aaaaah" and gave me a big hug. In toddlerease that totally means "yes mama, you can have my room because I know it will make you happy, and as your child that is all I want in the world". Who agrees with me that I made the right decision?

So I have this new craft space to plan, I am going to treat it like it's own craft project. I have started digging through my stash of fabrics, found objects and such to create my little "crafty mama's factory of craftiness", aka Mama's room: no kids allowed unless you make an appointment.

I need to paint, make new curtains, find a rug(for muffling the sound of my sewing machine), organize all of my stuff into containers that I can actually use on a regular basis. Does anyone have any great resources for craft room ideas? I promise, once I have this all figured out I will link to all the great stuff I found. I know many other crafty mamas are out there and if I can push the crafty mama cause I will.

So stay tuned for more craft craftiness from the self proclaimed crafty mama (at least in my own head).


Chaotic Mom said...

Do you have any favorite craft sites for inspiration? I'm always running out of ideas.

Kel said...

This will be so great for you! I can't wait until I can set up my space, but that won't be for a while yet.

My 2 boys share a room and it's not so bad. It gets interesting at times, but it's worth it.

Zee said...

I've seen in a magazine here around my mess a cool craft room project! Really nice room...I wish I can build a room to myself...I love crafts too!