Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm #7 in Portland

Stephanie mentioned that she Googled herself to see if there was any private information floating around out there about her. So I decided to Google "mama land" and lookie what I found: Portland Blogs. I do not know when this was posted but I am number seven of the top ten Portland blogs . Can you believe it? I can't. In my own mind I think I am an entertaining chick, but now I feel stupid for saying what I did in my previous post about how I only blog for myself and if I meet other people then cool, yada, yada, yada. It feels really special to be called out like this, and now I feel like I need to represent Stumptown better than I have in the past.

All of a sudden I feel pressure to perform. I think I am developing a case of performance anxiety. I must list all of the cool and great places in this fair city of ours so that the readers of will not feel jilted when they come to my site looking for info about Portland and just find my ramblings. This post is a case in point. So I vow to try my best from this point forward.

Oh jeez, Nancy Levenson, what have you done?


Cityslicker Mom said...

That's pretty awesome, you got the power now :) just kidding!

Stephanie said...

Wow, we have blogging royalty amongst us! Yes, now I expect only the very best out of you. Just kidding. Don't change anything. :P

About a year ago when I was blogging at Bravenet, I was listed one of the top ten most popular Bravenet blogs. The only way I found out about it was by accident while viewing the main page of the journal community! And commentors or visitors didn't increase. Weird, huh?

Bridgermama said...

I am sure I am number 11. ;) I agree, your blog is awesome.

sunshine scribe said...

That's a big responsiblity to Portland. Impressive :)

I just found your blog thanks to your visit to mine and it is great. Go number 7!!!