Sunday, February 05, 2006

Why do I do this to myself?

Why must I make stupid bets with my husband? Why do I do these things to myself? Growing up in Seattle and dealing with the Seahawks being more or less a crappy football team, I was excited by the fact that they were going to be in the Superbowl. Have I watched a game this whole year? Yes, but only a minute here and there walking through our family room. So why would I make a bet with my husband that the Seahawks would win this great game. Isn't it enough for them to just make it to the biggest game of the year. Why do I have to push my luck and make a wager on them winning everything? Why? Because I am stupid!

So now that the wonderful Seahawks have lost, I get to have kid duty on an appointed weekend and Saxman gets to go off and do whatever he wants, camping, travel, whatever. He might just go off to a hotel and get away for a few days. Sure maybe the Seahawks could have won and then the tables would have been turned, but no my dream of a weekend all to myself was completely dashed.

I should look at the bright side of this. I work all week long and see the kids afterwork and on weekends and I always talk about how much I miss them, and I do. I love spending time with them. But I am so burnt out right now that the thought of 48 hours of peaceful, do whatever the f*ck I want time sounds so incredibly blissful that I just put all my chips in, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. To rub salt into my wound this loss also happened to occur on the same night that Cat refused to go to sleep. She was still awake just an hour ago. She had to go pee, or get a drink of water, or pile her bed high with books. She was driving both of us crazy, so the thought of a weekend of defiant little 3yo behaviour just made me a little sad.

So what should I do to turn my frown upside down? Well, I think this calls for a trip to Seattle to drop the kids off at my folks house, I will check myself into a nice little hotel. Hook up the free Wifi, do some shopping, work on the look of Mama Land (possibly change locations) and relax. Because after all is said and done, a relaxed, happy mama is a much nicer mama to have around.

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