Thursday, February 02, 2006

Two is enough, I think

How do you know how many kids are enough?  When Cat was born she was such a high maintenance babe that Saxman and I were sure we didn't want anymore kids.  But then she grew out of that phase and we realized maybe we could handle a second.  When our second daughter was born she was a fairly "easy" baby (as easy as babies can really be).  We decided at that point that we were happy with two.  But every so often I start to wonder, what would it be like to have one more?  Could we handle it?  My husband definitely does not want more kids.  I am pretty sure I don't but sometimes when I see a pregnant mama or a mama with a newborn I get a little case of baby fever.  Is this just me grieving the fact that my babies aren't really babies anymore?  Do I really want another child or do I just feel a little sad that that stage of our lives is completely over?  How do you know when you are done birthing babes?

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