Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Mama's Body

Did anyone ever fully explain to you that your body would sag after you had kids? I mean, I kind of realized but I don’t think I could have comprehended it before hand. I really think it is the stomach area more than anything and the saggy skin that bothers me most of all. It is just different and I really don’t like it. I walk everywhere, I do crunches, I am trying to eat healthier, but I think I need to kick my butt in gear and get a real routine going.

What has worked for other mamas? I see the ads for the baby boot camp, but since I work during the day I don’t really have time. They have a health club on site but since I am a contract employee I do not have privileges. I could always do some tapes after the kids go to bed but then that would wake me up when I need to be getting ready for bed. I already have to get up at 5:00, the thought getting up at 4:00am is just depressing. So what do I do? I have thought about walking even more. Doing some power walks at lunch, trying to squeeze in some yoga before bed. I know just a bunch of excuses, but they are good ones aren't they?

Do you ever just feel like life as a mama consists of a giant “To Do” list of all the things you had time for before kids. I now seem to only have time for work, eat, sleep and kids. Where can I find a little time for me?

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