Monday, February 06, 2006

I love my family (at least today while i have happy hormones running through my body)

As I was about to go into a meeting today I glanced at the pictures of my family that line my cubicle walls. How things have changed over the last few years, and how precious they all are to me. Cat is such a little pain in the ass sometimes but she is also the sweetest little girl. She tells me many times a day that she loves me and that I am the best. I take heart in that because it must mean that we are saying the same thing to her on a regular basis. Aly is a little whirlwind of activity. She loves to get into everything and she has this little triumphant giggle that she does when she accomplishes whatever mischievous tasks she is up to. I sometimes forget that she is a little kid now, not just a baby. She will be potty training in the next year and she can do so much by herself. She loves to stand on the steps at the sink to wash her hands and help me brush her teeth. She also loves to cuddle again which a few weeks ago went out the door. So much time has gone by since she was a newborn and I was weeping over how precious she was as my post-natal hormone waves crashed over me. My sweet dear S is now Mr. Mom. He says he has no patience but I think that is only for things like putting together Ikea furniture or dealing with telemarketers. He has such a wealth of patience with the kids. He is sweet, loving, caring, warm and thoughtful with them. They love their daddy and their daddy loves them and me so much. I love the fact that he can now be a full time musician. He hasn’t been able to concentrate on playing over the past few years and now he able to play again. We have dreams of creating a studio in the garage where he can practice, record and teach, but right now it is a dream because the funds needs to increase just a bit before that happens. But I so want to make it happen for him.

In the last three years we went from living in Sacramento to moving to Portland. I love Portland so much. Many people don’t know this but I lived here for a short period of time when I attended University of Portland for a semester. I had to leave because I couldn’t afford private school tuition and ventured back up to Washington where the inexpensive state resident tuition beckoned. I always knew I would come back because Portland has everything that I grew up with in Seattle. A place for my kids to call home. Real neighborhoods, kid friendly restaurants and stores, tons of parks and great classes. Whoever said that everyone is leaving city for the suburbs hasn’t visited our street. We have a bunch of kids here all around the same age as Cat and Aly. They will all walk to school together and hope they never leave so that they all can all grow together, like I did with my friends growing up.

So I sat in my meeting and was having a hard time concentrating because I was just sitting their thinking about my little family. How great they are, and how lucky I am to have them. I wish I was there with them right now, but only a few hours to go and I will be home. Maybe I will enjoy that weekend I was lamenting about in an earlier post afterall.

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Mel said...

Hey Heather... I saw you updated the link on Hip Mamas.
Very cool blog..
I have been doing it for awhile and you can find it is very addicting.
And I am glad that things are going well for you!!