Friday, February 17, 2006

I heart MAX

I will pick on Portland for a second. Everyone has heard of snow and ice bringing things to a stand still. Well today in Portland the MAX train broke down because it was cold. Yes, no ice, no snow, no sleet, no rain, just some cold winds. Cold weather caused my trip home from work to take me almost 3 hours using public transportation. Portland, shouldn't cold temperatures be something you test your lightrail system on before putting it to use?

Being a working mama I treasure those few hours after work to hang out with the kids, eat some dinner, give them baths, read stories and snuggle with them before bed. Instead of spending time with them I got to listen to the crazy guy who sang songs when he picked up litter, or the guy who was afraid he might lose his job at an athletic footwear store because he might go to jail for robbery, or the tweaked out couple who made out the whole time and smelled like they had pissed on themselves. Yes, this is why I heart MAX on a crappy Friday night.

I really do love Portland and I think their public transportation system is pretty good, not to mention the fact it doesn't cost me $10 a day like some cities (SF), there are just some days where I want to me home cuddled up with my family and today MAX kept me from that.

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