Thursday, February 02, 2006

Hippie Sensibilities

Hippie Sensibilities is a term a dear friend uses to describe things that I like.  My dansko clogs, my choice of bags, the colors that I choose for pedicures, my REI raincoats.  She would always say that certain things speak to my hippie sensibilities.  She is much more stylish than I am and I think she often tries to help me be more with it and cool.  It is hard to take the hippie out of the girl.  Maybe that is why I like Portland so much.  I can wear my dansko clogs with my dress trousers and feel dressed up and yet comfortable at the same time.  In Portland comfortable is not a dirty word.  You will never find me wearing pointy toed shoes or cutting my hair in a style that requires more than 10 minutes of work to make it look cute or purchasing clothes for my kids that say "dry clean only".  Why you ask?  Because those things just do not speak to my hippie sensibilities.

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