Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day (1 week late)

Since I do most stuff late (both my kids were late). I figured I would wish everyone a "Happy Valentine's Day" late as well. To my two little cuties thank you for my card, balloon and hearts and to my sweet S thank you for my locket. I love having the girls with me all the time. To all my friends and family I love you very much and you are always in my heart.

Brief recap of our Valentine's day. Kids had some yummy mac&cheese, carrots and cupcakes for dessert. We decided to wait until the kids were in bed to order some takeout from the hawaiian cafe by our house but they were closed (boohoo!). So we checked out the other places by our house that S could walk to and we found Chaba Thai. Let me just quote my kids here, it was "yummy in the tummy". I have now decided that if i win the lottery we will eat from Chaba Thai every night, well at least once or twice a week. Then we rented a movie "Just Like Heaven" with Reece Witherspoon. It was cute and filmed in San Francisco which I loved. I think SF is one of the best movie locations ever. Then we just hung out and talked about us. Where we have been in the past 8 years, where we want to be in the next 8, we drank wine and had some cupcakes courtesy of the kiddos. I stayed up too late and was way tired the next day, but it was a nice, happy evening.


Cityslicker Mom said...

I loooove Chaba Thai. And the woman that is the hostess (i think she owns it??) is so incredibly, genuinely nice. She always remembers us when we come. That's my favorite place for Thai. You have good taste!

HeatherJ said...

Yes, Chaba Thai is the best we also like Tuk Tuk Thai on Fremont.