Saturday, February 04, 2006

Feeding the kiddos

I read a recent post on Blogging Baby about feeding kids and what a hated task it is. I have to agree I can't stand this aspect of parenting. My kids will love something one week and then the next time you try to serve it they treat it like it is the most disgusting thing they have ever seen. Aly in her independent way will pitch a fit if you even try to help her eat. She will scream and throw her food at you. Cat will whine and say that she wants peanut butter and jelly instead of whatever else she is eating. I also hate cleaning up the kids after they eat. Dinner is the best because we can just peel off their food covered clothes and stick the kiddos in the bath. But breakfast or lunch we just stick with feeding them something that hopefully will not get all over them before we need to head out the door. Also could someone please explain to me if there is an easy way for cleaning kinderzeat straps when you can't remove them from the seat. The more I scrub the straps the more food particles get imbedded in the fabric.

As I write this Cat is sitting at the table eating her afternoon snack (her favorite meal of the day), blowing bubbles in her juice and pretending to burp. Then she laughs as if it is the funniest thing in the world. The mama in me tells her to not make those noises, but the kid in me just has to laugh, she is pretty cute. I guess if she wasn't all these little things would drive me crazy.

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