Sunday, February 05, 2006

Fabric Depot

I went to Fabric Depot today for their monthly 40% off sale. I didn't go crazy like I often do, because I promised Saxman that I would finish the projects I currently have on my to do list before I buy a bunch more. But we were able to buy some fabric that we need to finish our bedroom makeover (I will report on that in a future entry). To anyone that has not had the pleasure of visiting this fabric store let me just tell you it is huge. And when they have their 40% off fabric sale it is packed. The ratio of women to men had to be about 50:1, and almost everyone of those guys was packed into the little TV room they have at the front of the store.

Tomorrow they are having a Super Bowl sale, Bali Cotton are 50%. If you haven't been go check them out, or at least go to their website. Their sales are good online too, but they don't have the selection on line like they do in the store.

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