Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Preschool changes

Do we change Cat's preschool? That is the question of the day. She likes her school but I have a feeling it has really changed into more of a daycare situation than a preschool. She really loves her teacher and the school, but we have an opportunity to move her to a new school. A school that usually has a waiting list. A school where she will be in class with the same kids she will be going to Kindergarten with in in a couple years. A school that is cheaper than the one she is in now. A school that has been recommended by a mom that both hubby and I trust. But is it worth the change. Is it worth that period of time where Cat and we have to deal with that transition period. She isn't unhappy, but I have a feeling she is getting a little bored. Her behavior has not been the best lately, and that usually corresponds with being bored. Maybe it is because with all the rain she can't get outside, or maybe it is the school. So I asked her if she wanted to go to a new school and she was so excited, "can we go tomorrow mama?" So maybe she wouldn't really be that upset, I just worry too much about changes.

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CityMama said...

Oh, I understand completely. You know I do. Your concerns are very valid. It's so hard, really, it is. Follow your heart. You'll know what's best.