Friday, January 27, 2006

I've calmed down now

Gee, wasn't I just a little bit of a bitch there. Sorry folks, guess I was just excited to get to start a free blog, versus the competition where I had to pay.
Anyway, I have calmed down and am now a happy mama. Sick day for me today. Aly is a sick babe which means Mama is sick as well. I just wish she was at the point where I could stick her on the couch give her a comfy pillow and blanket and stick on Sesame Street for a few hours. Is that wrong for me to wish my child would watch more TV so that I can sit quietly by and drink some coffee?
Question for everyone. Should it bother saxman (my hubby) that I like to knit while we watch a movie? He tells me that I can't concentrate on the movie while I am knitting. I tell him that I am fully capable of enjoying a movie and knitting at the same time, I can multitask. Many times it makes the movie better if I am not fully paying attention. It is not like I have my sewing machine in my lap making some new pillows or something. I am just quietly knitting. The only thing he hears is the sound of the bamboo needles hitting each other, now what is more zen than that?
Last thing for the morning. Got a cut, super cute, much more sassy, and I love it, so rush to Halo Salon in Portland (their website sucks) on Sandy. Great salon, not snotty at all, and then you can all be cute too.


semaphoria said...

my husband hated the fact that i needed light to knit while watching movies at home... so he actually bought me a small headlamp so that i could knit in the dark. i also generally knit with bryspuns which reduce the noise factor. :)

IrishTwinMama said...

I don't knit, but I do cross stitch while watching t.v. and/or a movie. It drives my husband nuts too. I tell him that it relaxes me and that I really CAN enjoy the show while doing it. I say that if that's your calming release after a tough day, then let the needles work! :-)