Thursday, December 28, 2006

Is it 2007 yet?

I am so looking forward to 2007, you don't even know. Well some of you might know. Pretty much the last half of 2006 has been crappo. Everything was going along fairly well until July, crafty projects getting done, house stuff getting done, resumes getting written and edited. But then the ankle fracture occurred which led to bed rest, and not much happening at all, feeling like crap. Then S was sick, then I was sick, then S had surgery and finally earlier this month I had surgery. It just screwed up our flow, we have been seriously out of whack since July 9th.

So I am looking forward to a new year, kiss 2006 good bye. I am not saying that it has all been bad. I mean the democrats did great which made me so happy, our house got painted even though the old lady down the street thinks it is hideous, we have new windows and a new roof, plus we moved the girls into a room together to give me a sewing room. But the health issues just dragged us through the depression filled mud hole, and we are dragging our selves back out.

I have so many plans for the next year, but I am not yet ready to make them official resolutions, in fact I don't want to even call them that, because I want to be able to change my mind later and not feel like a loser if I didn't fulfill my resolutions.

However, one thing that I am working on is saying goodbye to the title "Life in Mama Land" it has served me well for the year that I have been blogging but it doesn't say who I really am. I am not just a mama, it is one facet of the person I have become. I want to remember the person I used to be before being given the title of wife or mother. Who was I? I was Heather Bea. Not HeatherJ as I usually use when communicating in the blogging world because J is just my married initial. Beatrice is my middle name and Heather Bea was about as close to a nickname as I ever got. So I am slowly going to move things over to that new/old moniker.

So "Heather Bea, my life in mama land", might be a better title. What do you think? A new look is definitely needed as well and perhaps something based on the colors in some of my favorite fabrics would work. Well we shall see, but you can now call me Heather Bea. Oh, one last thing, here is my fabric pick for this week:

Friday, December 08, 2006

Fabric Friday

Boy, it seems like it has been so long since I did this. I needed something fun to get me back into normal blogging mode after the events of the past week.

Aly loves cotton jersey, she peels her pillowcases off her bed and carries them around like she is Linus with his blanket. So I loved this jersey from ReproDepot, might just make and actual blanket out of this one, maybe with some fleece on the other side. That would be nice and cozy.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I just turned on the news to see that they found James Kim's body. I am so sad right now. Sad for his wife and his little girls. I am glad that they did find him but it is such a sad ending to this story. My heart goes out to everyone that was a part of his life. I am sure that his spirit will continue to live on in his two beautiful girls and they will grow up knowing that their father loved them very much.

Update: Here is a beautiful tribute to James that they have up on, you can also see a video tribute that brought tears to my eyes.

Let's Go, James!

To James who is out there somewhere in the wilds of Southern Oregon.

Can you hear us? We are your friends, although you haven't met us. We are keeping a vigil of hope, our virtual candles are lit waiting for you to come home to your family. We are yelling at you through our prayers, "Let's Go, James!" Can you hear us? Follow our voices we are leading you home.

Sorry if this sounds cheesy but sometimes I just need to have faith that their is power in numbers and just from reading the blogs out there everyone is thinking of you and your family. You will be found, and I hope it is today. You are a smart guy and your love for your wife and girls will keep you strong.

One more time so you can hear us, "Let's Go, James!"

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmastime is here

I love Christmastime just for the magic it brings for the kids. Santa Claus is the greatest guy ever and he is at every mall in town, how does he get around so fast? And why as a parent am I not freaked out to be placing my girls on this guys lap? The houses on the street put up pretty sparkling lights that make the drive home much more fun, the girls think they are put up so Santa can find us, the house on the street without lights (that will change soon, but if they don't that is okay the neighbors have great lights.) The girls get gifts throughout the month (the best part for them), last night we celebrated with Scott's parents who were visiting from California. Cat received a keyboard (which she really, really, really wanted, how did Grandma know?) and Aly received a new baby doll (she would surround herself with baby dolls if she could), along with some more books for our little bookworms.

This weekend we will go visit Santa, put up the lights, and pick out our tree most likely at Lee Farms (home of those cider doughnuts I love so much, although I shouldn't eat them so soon after my surgery), and hopefully a little holiday crafting.

I have Tivo all set to record Rudolph and Frosty on Friday night, starting at 8:00 on CBS. Cat is so excited since this is the first year she will get to watch these holiday specials. Do you remember as a kid watching these specials on CBS? The "CBS Special Presentation" would come twirling onto the screen and it always meant something good was coming up next. It usually meant a Charlie Brown special that was always sponsored by snack cakes that they didn't sell up in Seattle (were they Little Debbie? I can't remember now.) Anyway, those TV specials were always part of the holidays for my brother and I, and I love that they still show them, if it isn't broke don't fix it.

I have some items on my wish list this year:

Red Mary Jane Crocs - ever since I broke my ankle I live in my Crocs, and the imitation ones do not even come close, I have tried them and they just are no where near the same.

Nike Diva Watch - I know I live in Nike town but I don't wear much from this company. Well I saw this watch in the Title Nine catalog and just fell in love with it.

Heartie Cowie Bank - I am awful at saving money, just plain bad. But maybe if I had this cute little cow sitting on my desk I would save some change here and there. Anyway, it is just so sweet.

Rosette Necklace - Everyone needs something pretty even if you don't always have a chance to wear it. I think I would wear this everyday if I got it. So precious. Plus it comes from de Jarnette in New Orleans which is where S and I got engaged this time seven years ago.

But what I really want for Christmas is for my family to be settled. S and I have both gone through some health things this year. I just want to have a happy end to 2006 and start 2007 with a new game. Oh crap, I think I am already starting my new year's resolutions and we haven't even gotten through Christmas yet.

One more thing, I hope that James Kim is found soon. Hi wife and little girls need him. I don't know what I would do without S. That really is the greatest present one could ask for, to have your family safe, healthy and celebrating in one place. I am not a praying woman but for this I have been saying a few words to whatever spirit is out there listening, bring James home.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Back on the blog

Do you know how hard it is to get back into the swing of things when you neglect your blog? I will tell you, it is very hard. Everyday I have thought about something to write and then I think "eh, maybe tomorrow". I just need to get a brain purge post out and then maybe I can continue on my merry blogging way.

So here goes.

The Kim Family: Kati Kim and her daughters have been found. James left two days ago on snowshoes to find help, now they need to find him. Stay positive and hopefully the family will be reunited soon. We make the journey a few times a year to the Bay Area and try to stick to I-5. Those roads leading to the coast can be a little scary in the best of weather, put some ice and snow down and they go way beyond scary.

The Gall: I had my gall bladder out on Friday, after having another attack my doctor felt it was the right thing to do. I ended up spending the night in the hospital as my nausea would not go away and my pain medication did not make it any better. I am off work for a few days and starting to feel better, still on a chicken soup diet, I think I am freaked out to eat anything else at least for a little while.

Christmas: We will most likely take the kids to see Santa next weekend. I don't have a problem with the kids believing in Santa, but I don't want them to think that Santa is the only one that brings them presents. They usually get one present each from Santa, the rest they know comes from us or the grandparents. Aly is getting a wooden tool bench and Cat is getting a small tree house (think doll house shaped like a tree). Cat is also asking for a remote control car and a keyboard from Santa, we shall see. My parents have a drum set for her. When we first heard about it we were pissed off at my parents, I mean a drum set for a four year old, but now that Scott has his music room all fixed up in our garage so we can stick it in there and she can jam with her dad.

WIP: I have a few things on my WIP list and a few things that I have finished. Stuff to finish, an apron for my mom, ponchos for Cat and Aly, curtains for the bathroom. Stuff that is finished, meat head hat for Larissa's knit-a-long. I have it finished and even though it is an adult large Cat loves wearing it around the house. I need to get pictures up but right now it is not going to happen. I also just finished a scarf working in some yarn that has been sitting in my knitting bag since last year. It wasn't enough to complete any projects so I just worked it through the scarf every couple of rows.

Babywatch: Bite My Cookie is on baby watch, if you go over now you can get in on the baby pool to win some cookies. Our neighbors went in for a C-section today still waiting for some news from them. Is everyone having babies lately?

I know there is more but at least I was able to get some mamaland news out there. I still want to do some updating to the blog but that may not happen until after the holidays. I want to lighten things up a bit.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

I have not been the best blogger lately but I didn't want to let Thanksgiving go by without a post.  I am very thankful this year, for my family, my marriage, my health, and my optimism.  The way the world stands right now I need to remain optimistic for myself as well as for my kids.  So cheers to everyone on this holiday, hold your family close, and be thankful.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Day

Why am I happy today?
Because of this for my kids,
and this for taking over the House,
and this for the Senate being tied,
and this for keeping teenage women's rights intact,
and this for making sure that Oregon stays blue,
and this for our first female Speaker of the House.

Can we start the countdown now?

Okay, back to regularly scheduled programming. I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, dangerous I know, but there might be a few changes to this here blog in the near future.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Okay, I succumbed to trying out a product. You know the little emails you get about trying something out and then writing about it on your blog? Well I usually pass them up because they are never things that I would use. The stuff I talk about on this blog is stuff I pick out and that I use and that I like, not stuff given to me by advertisers. At least it was that way until now.

So a few weeks back I received an email asking if I wanted to try the new Clorox bleach that is safe to pour directly on your clothes. I thought cool this is something I would really use. I got it the next week and used it a few days later. I promised that I would write about it on the blog and so here goes:

The good, it has a nice smell and definitely brightens up your whites. The bad, it left discoloration on the clothes that I am assuming were on the top in the washing machine, they say you can pour it directly on clothes and that is what I did. No worries as I only did a small load of stuff that I didn't really care if it got discolored. I ended up trying another load pouring it into the side where I usually pour my bleach for colors and it worked great. So next time I need bleach I might try it again, but plain Clorox bleach is cheaper so that will probably be what I buy.

Okay, I got that over with, I have felt so guilty for not posting a review especially since it isn't a glowing report but I was honest about the product. I feel a little slimey for even doing it and accepting the product. It kind of goes against what I hoped to get out of this blog, which was to use it for my own thoughts, to share my loves, stuff that floats in and out of my head, and stories of my kids. So it isn't worth sending me any more emails asking me to review something because I am just not interested. Wait, I should rephrase that, if you would like me to try out a new car, vacation in Hawaii, kitchen remodel, a Bernina sewing maching, a Vespa, or a new espresso maker I would happy to oblige. Thanks for your time and back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Shameless Plug

Okay time to do some advertising for my hubby. For any of you in Portland S is playing at Dante's tonight with Professor Gall. He is the super tall guy playing the saxophone. I won't be there as I must wake at the lovely hour of 5:00am the next morning for work.

However, I will be attending their show on Saturday at the Cobalt Room in the 15th Street Pub in Vancouver. I hardly ever get to see him play anymore, but luckily we have a babysitter for Saturday night.

She's Got A Friend

This past weekend was spent visiting my best friend in California. Most of the time I really look forward to these visits, but this time was different. This time most of the talk centered on her divorce. Something that was sprung on her this past June by her soon to be ex husband who decided he didn’t want to deal with being a husband and full time father anymore. This was a man who I considered my friend. I was there when they first started going out, when they got married, and when they had their kids. Oh yes, there is another issue, their two kids who I love very much. I can see them hurting as well and as a mama it makes my heart cry out. I wish that I could just take the three of them and make it all better. I feel somewhat helpless not knowing what to do.

I also forgot to mention that S and I met at their wedding. He had been a friend of my friend for the longest time but we had never officially met until their wedding rehearsal dinner. We were totally set up, we just happened to be sitting next to each other at the dinner and then at the wedding as well. Things went well for us and we were married two and a half years later. I feel guilty that we are happy, that my husband loves being a dad, that we love being together.

I want her to be happy too, but I see her maybe making the wrong choices because she is lonely. I know all about being lonely, I felt that way a lot during my dating life, but that was just my personality. I was happy being by myself and would often choose that versus spending time with the wrong guy. I have never known my friend to not have a boyfriend. When we first met she was still dating her high school boyfriend. They broke up and she moved back home, shortly after she met a new boyfriend, a guy that had his own share of problems. Then she broke up with him, had a few rebound dates and ended up with her boyfriend turned husband. Now she is doing online dating and wondering why all the guys she meets want to sleep with her within an hour of meeting face to face. She told me over the weekend that she has gone out on so many dates that she has lost count of the number of guys. It must be fun to have all of that attention but most of it is because these guys just want to get in her pants.

I hope she finds someone who will make her happy and who will love her kids. But does she need to find someone right away. I would love it if she would concentrate on herself. Find ways to make herself happy, figure out who she is besides being a wife and mother, but also figure out how she can be a great single mom. I told her most of this over the weekend and I don’t know if it helped or not. S told me that it probably helped just by being there. When she dropped me off at the airport on Sunday we were both really sad that I had to leave. I do wish she lived closer, I say that because I know we won’t be moving closer to her. I told her that we (S, the girls, and I) are her family too. We are here for the three of them if they need anything. The hardest part of the whole situation is seeing your friend so sad, and there is no quick fix for the situation. All I can say is that I am here for her, and hopefully that does help.

Monday, October 23, 2006

What is up with Blogger?

So I change over to Blogger Beta, and I guess I shouldn't complain, but it is still not ready for prime time. I open up my blog this morning to go to my blogroll, and that shows up but there are no posts showing. Even when I scroll all the way to the bottom of the page. So is this some weird fluke with my computer or are others having issues?

Also I really hate that it is such a PITA (Pain in the Ass)to leave comments for folks who have not converted to the beta version. I know all of these things will work themselves out in the long run. And, after all, it is free so what am I complaining about. Just frustrated I think, yes that is it, frustrated, cranky, and tired.

Oh, if you haven't already done so go read Citymama's post about what happened when she went out to celebrate her birthday. It makes you question what you believe, fate, intuition, a higher power. If anything something was working in their favor over the weekend.

Update: As I was about to upload this post I realized that spell check and all of the other options were missing. I had to copy what I had written, close out of blogger and get back in for things to open correctly. Aaaargh!

Update #2: What is up with BlogRoll? It says "New" next to every blog, now either that is a major coincidence or they are screwed up as well. Okay are you sick of me complaining?

Friday, October 20, 2006

My secret crush

Inspired by Fidget's confession of her secret crush for John Cusack.  I figured it was only fitting to announce my own secret celebrity crush.
This crush didn't just begin a couple of years ago when I first spotted him on Grey's Anatomy, and I never watched that reality show he was on.  No this crush started in US History class in high school.  We sat in alphabetical order and I just happened to sit behind him.  He was a senior when I was a sophomore and for whatever reason we ended up in the same class.  He was the cool drama guy, the one everyone liked even though I would say he was a bit on the nerdy side.  But I had the biggest crush on him.  He was funny and smart and made history more bearable that year. 
Do you know who I am talking about yet?  Steven Bailey, aka Joe from GA, is my secret crush.  When I saw him on GA I thought he looked a little familiar, so I googled him and there he was my old high school crush.  I am positive that he would not remember me at all, because of course I just was not worth remembering back then (at least as a sophomore that is what I felt).  But I like him anyway and am happy every time he shows up on the screen.  I think one of these days he is going to be in a big break out role, I just wish GA would give him that opportunity.

Fabric Friday

I was going through some of my fabrics folded up in the sewing room and found a whole bunch that I had forgot I had. I haven't done many projects lately and am just now gearing up again now that my sewing room is on its way to being organized.

So this Fabric Friday I decided to bring you two of my favorites. I picked them both up at JoAnn Fabrics on sale for something like $5/yard. I really love them and am thinking they might work for the apron (the other reason I was going through all of my fabrics). Enjoy!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

My renter

I am slowing getting back into blogging and with that comes my renter of the week.  I have found so many cool folks out it the blog world that I decided to open up Mama Land to a new tenant.
Make sure you go visit "Ramblings from a not so typical stay at home mom", you can find the link over in my sidebar.  She is a very busy mama, sewing, writing, planning a wedding, playing dodge ball and hanging with her kiddos.  She recently posted about how her eight year old daughter is growing up so fast.  Made me realize that my little ones will be that age before I know it.  So go check her out, she would love the visitors.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The summer clothes are all packed up. The sweater, rain coats and fleece have been brought out. The rains have started. Like I have said before, the weather doesn't bother me (well, okay when it is April and the showers are still going strong it bothers me a little, I did live in California for seven years) and I can't let it bother the kids. So off we went on Sunday, in the rain, to the pumpkin patch at Lee Farms, famous for their cider doughnuts (they were heaven). We went to The Pumpkin Patch last year and the crowds were huge so we went for a low-key rainy pumpkin picking day this year. It was a lot of fun, even in the rain.

Our pumpkin harvest

Look who is pushing the wheelbarrow, while a certain husband is using the umbrella and taking pictures

The girls thought that all of the pumpkins were the perfect size for a kid's seat

Seriously can not believe she is two already

Did I mention they have fresh cider doughnuts. They were so good, we contemplated going back for more.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rock the Vote - Last Day to Register in Oregon

If you are not yet registered to vote in the next election, November 7th, today is the last day to register.
You can go to and download the Voter Registration Card, you just need to get it postmarked by today or drop it off at your local county elections office.
I of course waited until the last minute for this election and I figured there are probably some others just like me out there.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Comfort Food Weather

I am so happy that it is finally overcast. I am not one of those people who complains when it rains, even when it has been raining for months on end. I love the rain, I love clouds, I love cold temps. I think I actually get a bit depressed when it is sunny for too long. Maybe I should get some help for this disorder?

One of the reasons why I love this weather is because I can make comfort food. Warm yummy casseroles, stews, soups, roasted veggies and the like. So when the new Everyday Food came out with a beautiful picture of beef stew on the front, I was so happy. We went shopping on Thursday and last night I made my first recipe, the red and black bean pies ( I cooked them up in a casserole dish versus the individual dishes). These were so yummy! The kids, yes those picky ones that will hardly eat anything these days, gobbled them up. It was an easy meal, not to much chopping, just a can of this and a can of that. I chose to use a colby/jack blend instead of the pepper jack and it was fine. We also chose to put a little bit of low fat sour cream on top, the kids favorite.

Tonight's recipe is the beef stew from the cover. I took their recipe and added a few more veggies, yams are great in stew. Throughout the week I will be trying quite a few of the recipes, I will let you know which one ends up being my favorite.

Update: The beef stew was not a winner, sorry Martha. I followed the directions adding a few extra veggies and it was just okay. My usual stew, using beef stock, tastes much yummier. I will post that recipe soon.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Oompa Toys

I love European toys and Haba especially. Oompa Toys is such a great find for everything Haba. I just discovered them today looking for a birthday gift. Just thought I would spread the word.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Fabric Friday and Aprons

Here is what I just signed up for

Now I just have to find some fabric, or just recycle some of my left overs. What do you think of these from ReproDepot.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Budding Photographer

Photos from Miss Cat taken with her new camera.


Today my Cat turns four. Every year I reflect on how much she has changed.  How exciting it is that this little girl is growing up into such a neat person.   But this year I am also a little sad.  Next year brings Kindergarten (hopefully, if the PSD lets her in for early admission) and with that she will no longer be spending most of her days at home or preschool.   She will be a big girl, with a backpack and a lunch box.  When do they get too old to hold hands?  I know a little melodramatic.


Even though four can be a rough age, so far it is turning out great.  She loves to tell me stories at night about fairies and firefighters (she wants to be one when she grows up) and how they all live in the forest together.   I let her imagination run wild, I ask questions such as "why do the firefighters live in the forest?", and she tells me "so that they can put out the fires for the fairies."   Well of course they do, silly mama.


She likes to tell jokes, some make sense and some are just punch lines to jokes she has somewhere in her head.   One of her favorites is to come up to me and say "Mama I have a joke to tell you … muddy chopsticks!"  then she runs away laughing hysterically.   Every so often she says a joke that makes sense and it always catches us off guard, "Mama, why did the banana go to see the doctor? Because it wasn't peeling well."  Come on now that is funny stuff.  


She is also a great big sister.  I love the age that she and Aly are at right now.   Aly loves Cat so much.  They run after each other playing hide and seek, and tag.  They dress up like Superstars (as Cat likes to call herself) and take pictures.   Cat always climbs in bed with Aly and gives her hugs and kisses and a little cuddling before bed.  Sometimes as I am closing their door I hear Aly telling Cat "I love you Ona" (her name for Cat as Cat is just my online nickname for her), and Cat says back "I love you too".   Seriously makes me tear up every time I hear it.


We had a great birthday party over the weekend.  Friends came by and played in our new landscaped backyard (thanks to S for working on it all week long) we decorated cupcakes and party crowns, and had the last bbq of the season.   The weather was beautiful all weekend long.  Cat received her two favorite presents from the grandparents.  Her Nana and PopPops got her a camera, seriously the coolest kids camera ever, it is digital and holds up to 70 pics before you have to download, she loves it.  Her Grandma and Granddad got her a scooter which she has been begging to use all the time since receiving it.   At the end of the day I asked her if she had a great time at her party and she said that she loved being four.  I think I am going to love it too.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


We have too many stones at our house. We have pea gravel for a garden path at the side of our house. We have gravel for a patio and path in the backyard garden. Plus we have some large stone coming for the main patio this afternoon. I am excited about all of these stones, it means our garden is finally coming together. However, there is one more type of stone that I am not so happy about, gallstones. I have gallstones, can you believe that? First I break my ankle, I am finally getting over that (got the okay from my doctor today in fact), then yesterday I get told that the agonizing pain I have been having since Sunday night is gallstones. Guess what I get to do this afternoon? Go to a surgeon to discuss having my gallbladder taken out. Oh Yay! I talked to my friend who is a nurse yesterday and she said that I am not the typical gallstone patient, however sometimes pregnancy can bring them on. I was shocked when I found out it was something so serious, but most people live with gallstones for a long time without any symptoms. I guess when you have an "attack" is when they start to consider having the gallbladder removed.

I will keep you posted on what the surgeon says. It is an outpatient procedure and you are only away from work for a few days, but we have Cat's birthday coming up and then a camping trip the weekend after. Can this be the last medical issue we deal with for a long time? Please?

UPDATE: No surgery right now. I need to change my diet, keep it to bland and low fat for awhile. Nothing too spicy. Not fun but I would rather have that work then have surgery. Now that I have had one attack my chances of having another are higher, if that happens I will have surgery, but for now I can put it off.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Fabric Friday

I am bouncing back from my blogging hiatus, getting that inspiration again. Here are two fun prints that I found on the Fabric Depot site and figured I would send them out to the universe. Today and tomorrow they are having their monthly 40% off all fabric sale. I liked these two because they reminded me of fish scales. One of the costume possibilities for Cat this Halloween is a mermaid and I thought this might work. I believe they are supposed to be cross sections of squash, but I liked the idea of making a fish out of them.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

She's Cute

Is she worth the wait? Turns out little Suri Cruise is a damn cute little baby.  I know that I will go out and buy the new Vanity Fair just to get my celebrity fix.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The Reader

Cat has always been a reader.  She loves books, and has been that way since she could focus on things as a baby.  She loves going to bookstores and the library.  She thinks the kids area at B&N is called the Reading Forest because of the trees painted on the walls.  She isn't even four and her favorite book is "Ramona the Pest".  This makes me so happy because I was a total book worm as a kid (most of my reading as a mom comes from other blogs and magazines).  I love that I get to read all of these books that I loved as a child all over again.  We are about half way through "Charlotte's Web" and I think we will pick up another Ramona book next.  I am so happy that my reading genes have been passed on to another generation.  She gets so excited when it is time for her to pick out her books for the night, today she even did a little dance when she announced she was going to find "Beauty and Beast" on the bookshelf.  Oh, I love my little reader!

When it rains

It pours.  I am having one of those days.  You know the kind that start off great you are feeling optimistic, life is going well.  Then just as you are feeling smug that you have things under control life smacks you in the face.  That is what happened today.  I can't go into details, because we don't have them.  S had some abnormal blood tests come back from a standard physical he just had on Thursday.  They called him today and he needs to go in for tests tomorrow. 
Please let this be nothing, please, please, please.  He is scared and I am scared, I would rather know what is wrong then being in limbo.  Hopefully after tomorrow we will have some answers, but usually they make you wait for those as well.  Freaking out right now, hopefully everything will be better soon.  S feels fine which makes me feel more confident that it is nothing, still scary just the same.


Thursday, August 31, 2006

Catch Up

I haven't written in a little while and something momentous has occurred.  My little Aly has turned two.  Yes, right before our eyes she has gone from a little baby to a full blown prima donna.  I am telling you she is a little diva.  Tantrums left and right.  She has no problem lying down on the sidewalk if it will help make a point.  However, she has not realized the pitfall of being the younger child.  With the first you try to figure out what is wrong with your child.  What should we do to stop this behavior?  The answer is you do nothing. You just have to let her do her own thing.  She snaps out of it pretty quickly once she realizes we aren't paying attention.  Then when she does something great, like helping clean up, we give her huge amounts of praise.  She is getting a tiny bit better everyday, she actually listened to me this morning when I asked her to not smash her face against the window.  Instead she gave me a big hug smashing her snotty nose into the front of my shirt instead.  So for the big turning two occasion we had a yummy coconut cake, a few balloons, and a couple of choice gifts that she loved.  It wasn't all fun and games though because S was sick, we had to do a very low key party.  To make it up to her, yeah like she will really remember this one, we will kind of do a combo Cat and Aly party next month when Cat turns four.
Like I said above, Scott has been sick.  He was in huge amounts of pain.  I won't go into details as I am sure he would hate to know I was writing about it, but it was basically making it impossible for him to sit for any length of time.  He ended up in urgent care, the emergency room, and then in surgery.  He was so much better after surgery.  It was a tough few weeks with me still on the mend and then S ending up in the hospital.  Things are better now.  Plus my mom came to stay with us for a couple weeks, super huge help.
As for my leg, life with the boot has been great and now after just two weeks I am being asked to wean off of the boot.  As a mom you know how hard it is for your kids to wean off of anything they have become accustomed to using on a regular basis.  Well that is me with the boot.  I must give it up.  Physical therapy is going great I can walk without crutches very, very slowly.  But my balance is not where it should be so outside of PT I still need to use them.  But the boot I just don't want to give it up yet, even though they say I don't need it anymore.  It supports my no muscle, swollen, bruised, scarred leg and without it I don't feel so hot.  Not to mention most shoes will not fit on my right foot.  I had to go out and spend some dollars on a few new pairs of wide-load shoes, Crocs, Keens, and some NBs.  I can't even get my foot into my beloved Danskos.  My therapist said I should just hide the boot away and try not to use it, to only bring it out if I get really sore.  So what does really sore mean? If a few Tylenol don't solve the problem then the boot can come out.
Cat has had swim class the past two weeks.  She is really great at blowing bubbles, but so far refuses to stick her whole face in the water.  She has one more class tomorrow to do this great feat, otherwise she will not be able to move up to being a Pre-Penguin.  She loves swimming.  I don't know when I have ever seen her smile so much in such a short period of time.  Warms a mama's heart to see her little girl so happy.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

One Boot

Update on the leg.  I got my cast off today!  I wasn't supposed to get it off until tomorrow, but I went in today and they decided that the x-rays were looking really good.  So they gave me the boot.  It is a walking cast with a pump in it so it still supports my leg but I can start putting weight on it  Also I start physical therapy on Friday, I can now actively start working on getting my leg all healed up.


My broken ankle story

I feel the need to get my broken ankle story out in the open since I seem to go over it in my head on a daily basis.
On July 9th around 10:00am we had just put Aly down for a nap and I set Cat up to finish watching a movie she had started the night before.  I told her I was going outside for a few minutes to take pictures of the new house colors we were thinking of using for the house.  S was just on his way out to pick up some BBQ fixings for lunch.  I was moving around our backyard trying to get a good picture of the colors in the right light.  I was stepping over a pile of wood (leftover from home improvement) and my right heel landed on the edge of one of the pieces of wood.  That piece started sliding and as I fell to the ground twisting my ankle.  I don't remember hearing or feeling a crack, but I knew something was wrong because when I moved my leg my ankle just hung down.  Having never broken a bone I didn't know what was wrong, except that it hurt.  I knew that S had just left and I knew I couldn't get back into the house by myself.  I started calling for help and luckily my neighbor heard me.  She came rushing over and helped me into a chair then brought me a phone so that I could get a hold of S.  He came rushing back home, took a look at my ankle and said " we need to get you to the hospital". 
He practically carried me into the house where I rested in a chair while he got the kids in the car.  The emergency room wasn't that busy but every minute that ticked by seemed like an eternity.  I just wanted some pain killers and then everything would be better.  I could feel my body was in shock.  I had the chills, and had a hard time controlling my breathing when the pain got intense.  S said later that he had never seen me in so much pain.  The girls were being so good, wanting me to feel better.  Once I got into triage the nurse took a look at my ankle and told me they would get me in right away.  I told S to take the girls home as I would be there for while.  The doctor came in and looked at my ankle.  He wouldn't give me any pain medication until they knew exactly what was going on, twist or fracture.  There was a chance of surgery, he told me, and if that was the case he needed to wait to talk to the Orthopedic Surgeon.  I was wheeled back to x-ray.  She took one shot and told me that she wasn't allowed to tell me anything but she could show me the picture.  I could tell it wasn't good.  She did the rest of my x-rays and sent me back to my stall in the emergency room.  Doctor came back in and said I had three fractures and how did I feel about surgery that afternoon?  OMG, surgery?  He talked to the OS who said I could have morphine while they splinted my leg.  Morphine is a very strange drug.  I felt like it wasn't doing anything for the pain, it wasn't I could still feel the pain, but it was like I could care less about the pain.  It felt like my leg was just sitting there on the table.
I was wheeled up to my new "private room" in the hospital. I watched TV, had some more morphine and waited for S to come back.  S got there, our neighbors were watching the kids.  He couldn't believe that after a little fall in the backyard I was laying in the hospital waiting to go into surgery.  The doctor came in and explained the surgery and all I could concentrate on was hardware and six weeks off my feet.  Ugh.
So here I sit almost five weeks later hoping my ankle is healing.  Thinking about all the things I won't be able to do for awhile.  I know it will get better.  Good thing I am not a shoe person, because I probably won't be wearing heels anything soon.  It is a learning experience and a force that makes me take some time out and think about where I am in my life.  I have a whole list of things I want to start doing.  Projects with my kids, ideas to pursue, classes to take.  I can't wait to get back to work full time.  Above all I can't wait to just hang with my family again.  My kids deserve a lot of mama/kiddo time.

Friday, August 11, 2006

One month down

It has been one month since I broke my ankle. Well one month and two days, but who is counting? I am counting. Every single day gets checked off on my calendar. Only 1 1/2 weeks until my cast comes off but then the PT starts and learning how to walk again. I have all sorts of aches and pains, but the worst, by far worst thing about a cast is not being able to wash my leg. Yuck!

I have been told that the total healing process for my injury is about six months. Six friggin months. Everyday my girls want to know if I am better. As far as Cat is concerned she just wants me better for her birthday (six weeks away). Don't want to ruin the big four year old party. I also owe S many hours of childcare. He really wants me to be better soon. Can you imagine just a little slip in the backyard and I am down for the count. Oh, thank god I have insurance because my hospital bill came and just the time I spent in the emergency room, surgery, and overnight stay cost over $13,000, who knows how much the rest of the costs will be.

Life is good otherwise, kids are healthy, S starts a new job next month, Aly is turning two on the 22nd. I just like to have little pity parties every now and then.

I have been ignoring my poor blog lately, can't seem to get into the writing mode, but I will try harder, I promise.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Fabric Friday and other things I love

I almost missed my chance to get in my fabric of choice this week, I just made it:

This one is from Repro Depot and I just love the color combo.

Other things that I love:

Atomic Ranch Magazine. As an owner of a mid-century ranch (1956) I would love to have some of the furniture I see in this magazine. Also as a testament to the coolness of Portland I heard that they relocated here.

Zappos. If you are looking for shoes, any kind of shoe, you can find it at Zappos. They have free shipping both ways, so you buy some shoes they don't quite work and you can return them free! Plus whenever I have ordered something from them they usually come the same week I order them. Excellent customer service and a great selection.

Ikea. Yes, like many other Portlanders I am so excited that Ikea is coming next year. The stuff is a pain in the butt to put together but it looks so cute once it is. We have an Ikea kitchen and we love it. Right now we visit when we are up visiting the grandparents but that isn't always convenient if you are purchasing a big piece of furniture. The style is fun, the price is right and they have a play area for the kids.

My Broken Leg. Okay this one isn't for everyone but if you have a broken ankle or leg this site is a lifesaver. For others like me who have never broken a bone I had no idea what was going to happen, what the cast is like after you have had it on for 3 weeks, literally forgetting how it feels to walk, and how much physical therapy I get to look forward to. It is a great community of people who all have a lot of extra time to play on the computer.

Bembo's Zoo. If you have kids who are learning their alphabet this site is great. Both of my girls love finding the letters and seeing what animals are made. It is a flash site so if you have dial up it might be a little slow.

Design Sponge. This is an unbelievable collection of everything fabulous in modern design. I just love to visit this site on a daily basis and dream that someday maybe one little corner of my house could be so cool.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

My girls

There is one thing that I have missed more than anything else while I have been laid up in bed and that is spending time with my girls. They come to visit me but being little girls they don't have much patience to just hang out with Mama and talk. Cat and I have our cuddle time at night where we read stories and she tells me about her day. But Aly doesn't have the patience for that, sure she will sit with me and we will read books like "Cleo & Casper" and "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" (she just loves to say "No Pigeon", plus Mo Willems is great). But once we are done reading she gives a quick hug and a few kisses and with a "nigh-nigh mama" she is off to bed. They love seeing me and will visit a few times a day to give little hugs and kisses and then it is off to play.

Then there is the heat, in our non-air conditioned house the only cool places are our bedroom (window AC) or our basement where the play room is, but the basement has 11 steep stairs leading down to it. So for right now I am stuck up here and they are down there.

I miss my girls so much. I miss giving them baths and watching them giggle as they splash each other and put on little soap beards. I miss cuddling up with Aly at night, rubbing her head and singing her lullabies. I miss dancing, marching, skipping, around the basement as we listen to Dan Zanes. I just miss them, everything they are, these two joyous creatures who make my world go round.

I love my husband and am glad that after the kids go to bed he comes and hangs out with me, we watch TV, he tells me what he and kids did, and I reconnect with the family. I know that this is only temporary, I mean hopefully I will at least be crutching around next week. But it is more than just being stuck in bed, your life slows down, you get isolated from life. It is hard to not get a little depressed. But when I do get down, like today, I try to remember the good stuff. I will get better, this is only temporary, and I have a great family who want me to get better even more than I do.

Saturday, July 22, 2006


One phrase that I had never googled until last week, "broken ankle".  Yet, I have googled that phrase several times since I got set up with my laptop in the bedroom.  I sit here day in and day out trying to keep the swelling down in my ankle.  I prop my leg up on several pillows and try to find a comfortable spot so that I can spend time on the computer.  I have found a whole new community of folks like me stuck with one leg up in the air.  Did you know there is a website called  Did you know that people make a living creating custom cast covers?
I try to stay upbeat and look at the bright side of all of this, I mean how often will I get the chance to just lay around in bed, work from home, and have people wait on me?  Probably never again.  And I am completely fine with that.  I want to me able to just go take a shower.  I want to go out and pull the weeds.  I want to commute for an hour on MAX.  So I am very thankful that this is not a permanent condition.  Before I know it I will be back to my old self, but better.  I want to get in shape again, I used to be in shape.  I also want to really pursue my sewing.  It is something that I enjoy doing, it makes me happy and it allows me to make things for the girls. 
One of the strangest things that has come about from all of this is that it has forced me to try and let things go.  I can't control everything in my life.  Life has it's own story to tell and I am fine with letting things go ... for now anyway.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

House improvements

Well, since I am stuck in bed I can at least shop online. My most recent purchase of the house is actually for our bedroom. Might as well dress up the room I am hanging out in the most. I put an order in for Flor carpet tiles last night and I can't wait for them to arrive. I love the fact that you can move them around and someone on crutches knocks over her coffee on the carpet that person can just go online and purchase a new tile. I went with a few different textures and patterns to mix it up a bit with one more of a solid as the bulk of the carpet.

We have dark brown furniture in our bedroom, well we still need to get a new dresser, but it will be dark brown to match the bed and nightstands. The paint is a kind of light steely blue and then behind our bed we will be covering the whole wall with fabric, it is a brown to match the bed but it is an unconventional fabric that I picked for the texture, burlap. When we finally get it up I will show you the pictures.

Also S got the first coat of paint up on the house and I love the color. He and a friend will be hopefully finishing up this weekend with another coat and the trim colors. I am so happy to be done with our white house even if I can only enjoy it through pictures.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

My right leg

Oooh isn't that an attractive shot? My leg hurts, is wrapped up like the little brother in "A Christmas Story", and smells. I guess the smelly part has to do with the antiseptic they use during surgery. I can smell it but no one else seems to be able to. The girls give my leg kisses in the hopes that their magical powers will heal me so that I can dance with them again. It is such a sweet gesture but it makes me a bit weepy as well.

I have never been laid up like this before and it is such a huge deal for me. It does hinder a bit on our finances since I am the primary bread winner in the family. However, my employer has allowed me to do some work from home. It is really great to work with such a supportive group of people. One of the guys at work even brought me blueberries that his wife picked from their garden for me. They say it is just their way to make up for all of the work I have done for the project. I just hope I get the go ahead to get back to work soon. It looks like only one more week of being stuck at home and then I should be able to go back at least part time.
The girls are adjusting but Cat did have a major break down at the grocery store with my parents today. She couldn't use a car cart and she started crying saying "I want my mama to take care of me now!" When I heard that it broke my heart. I miss playing with them, going for walks around our neighborhood, even trying to get them to stay in their beds at night. S has been great taking on most of the parenting duties 24/7 since the accident. My parents came to help out this weekend which was also nice because they got to hang out with Nana and PopPop who are so much fun, but my girls really wore them out. I think they understand a little more why we are perfectly happy with just two kids.
S was able to get the first coat of paint on the house this weekend, it is called Malanga from Miller Paints and everyone seems to love it. I haven't been out to see it yet but S took pictures and sent them to my email, it is such an improvement over the white on white color scheme the house has had since it was built in 1956. Other exciting news, I was able to find a new sewing table and chair from Craigslist and ebay. I am going to change the fabric (it currently has burgundy naugahyde) on the sewing chair but otherwise I love the style of the two pieces, very danish mid century. So even though I can't get out of bed I can plan my sewing room for when I can finally get off my back. I think I will have S dig out all of my knitting stuff tomorrow so that I have more to do than just watch HGTV, do my work reports, and play on the internet.
I think the best things about being laid up is that it forces me to rest and I am able to catch up on my blog reading. You might hear from me a little more often in the next few weeks.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Break a leg

I have been away from blogland for a little while due to breaking my ankle on Sunday.  I didn't just break my ankle, I pretty much shattered my ankle.  It was something so stupid, I just slipped in our backyard.  My foot remained stable while the rest of my body twisted and fell on top of my foot.  I went to the emergency room around 11:00 on Sunday and was in surgery at 3:00.  I have never broken a major appendage before and it was some of the most intense pain I have ever experienced.  For me it was worse than childbirth (this from someone who had two natural births).  S couldn't remember ever seeing me in so much pain.
So now I lay on bed rest for two weeks.  I started doing work from home on Wednesday afternoon which really makes the time fly by.  I love my HGTV and DIY but they are both getting really old.  I am so happy to have my laptop back to communicate with the outside world.
Today is also a very, very special day.  It is S and my sixth anniversary.  We had a romantic weekend planned, we were getting away from the kids for a few days and had a reservation at a little B&B in the Hood River area.  So we had to put that off for a few weeks.  Instead we are spending the day hanging out in bed, which would be romantic if I was in any mood to get it on, but that's not happening.  So we are planning a big evening of dinner in bed followed by a few movies. 
There are so many ups and downs in a marriage and this is definitely one of the downs, but I love S more than when we were first married.  It is not easy being a stay at home dad and he does it with such grace.  He is there for me whenever I am feeling blue and always seems to know when I need a little romance in my life.  He is a fabulous dad and the girls love him so much.  I can't wait to spend many more years with him.  So even though I am laid up in bed the time we get to spend together talking about the past six years as well as what is in store for the future will be a special time for us. S, Happy Anniversary, I love you!

Friday, June 30, 2006

Fabric Friday

Before we enjoy a long holiday weekend I wanted to make sure I got my fabric Friday selection in on time. Especially since I was tardy for two weeks.

Since we have been doing some exterior work my thoughts have been turning to outdoor fabric. I really love the bright colors in this striped fabric, it would look great on our patio. It is a P. Kaufman fabric and for $10.95 a yard is really not a bad price for the outdoor stuff. I found this at House Fabric which I just discovered today. The fabric is called Bistro Stripe Azealea and the orangey gold color is what we are painting our house so it would tie in nicely.

Have a great holiday everyone!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fabric Friday on a Wednesday

I have neglected this blog for a little while, but I am on my way back.

First things first, I am sure you have all been wondering where my Friday fabrics are, well I need to make up for two weeks so here you go:

The first few fabrics come from a collection called "Splash On" from Sea Cloth (thanks Mama for the tip!). Although it looks like the only store that sells their items directly is there own in CT. The only other way to get them is by going through a designer. I just might need to contact their store for more info, I wonder if they have a catalog? I just love the colors and they would look great in our soon to be restyled back yard.

Plus this one from Heather Ross called Party Girl that I found on Repro Depot (you know I love that place.)

It would be perfect for the girls' birthdays coming up in a few months. Little jumpers maybe? or maybe not since it is $30/yard.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Some home purchases

No pictures of the house yet. But a few pictures of some items we have picked up recently.

Our new rain chains:

The new house numbers:

We picked both of these up from Outdoor Decor. I loved a bunch of stuff on this site.

I know not a real exciting post, but I did add pictures of the girls below, that is always exciting.

Monday, June 19, 2006

A little hiatus

We are beginning our long list of home improvement projects for the summer, which is why I haven't had much time for posting lately. Let alone I have another cold, aren't spring/summer colds the worst? So if my posts are few and far between for the next few weeks don't worry, I am fine, just busy. I will try and post some before and after picks, you will at least get a photographic journal of the goings on in the Mamaland household.

So to tide you over I give you some pics of the girls. We went berry picking yesterday for Father's Day, I swear S chose to do this activity.

Oh, also a belated Happy Father's Day to the best husband, saxophone playing, stay at home daddy in the whole world. I love you very much and don't always let you know how much I appreciate you. Especially now that you will be taking on the bulk of the home improvement projects, oh how I appreciate that I get to do the decorating/gardening items and you get to do the heavy lifting.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Blogging Photos

I have been so bad about posting photos on this blog.  At first I wasn't sure why, my kids are cute, and we take a lot of pictures.  Then I realized that I have blogging photo envy.  I look at quite a few crafty blogs and not only are these folks incredibly talented but most of them manage to take great photos.  These photos go way beyond my blase photo taking skills.  So people how do you do it?  I feel inferior.  What kind of cameras do you use?  We love having a digital camera, and sometimes we get great photos, but most of the time they aren't great.  Is it our camera (Canon Powershot) or is it human error?
Here is a list of some fabulous photogs out there (really, is photog a word?):
Picture This and her cool mama blog Mother May I.
Sincope a wonderful Brazilian mama living in AZ, she also does web design.
The Petite Gourmand, maybe it is her cutie patootie little girl, but I love her pics.
6.5st pure crafty beauty.
Soule Mama, she finds such beautiful fabrics.
A few Portland gals -
little birds, the cutest softies around.
angry chicken (although the pictures today are Japanese crafty, which are great).
Posie Gets Cozy, such beautiful things, and I am jealous of her studio.
Cafe Mama, she could be a professional photographer if she really wanted to be.
City Mama, a mama who will always have Portland in her heart.

There are so many out there.  So do you see why I have an inferiority complex?  I will try to be better, really I will.  However, for this posts I will let the others do the photo talking.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Fabric Friday - Fabric Connection

As I was surfing E-bay the other day I stumbled upon this great fabric store, Fabric Connection. Great selection of fabrics, super helpful if you have questions, and well priced. I found this cool Nancy Wolff fabric that I plan to use in the playroom for, what else, some chairs.

Then I found this great Robert Kaufman poppy fabric (although they kind of look like dogwood blossoms).

This so cool Alexander Henry fabric, that I already have some purse handles for, hip mama indeed.

Then this coffee fabric, oh how I love thee coffee. I am thinking of doing a stretched canvas sort of thing and hang it in the kitchen or possibly as trim on some cafe curtains above our sink.

Remember to check me out at Fabric Finds.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

ideas, ideas, ideas

I have become an insomniac, seriously I am doing only 5-6 hours of sleep a night trying to scam as much "me" time as possible. The good thing about my commute is that I can take a quick snooze on the train and then wake up for my little walk to work. I just need to get over this staying up late thing.

I find myself planning my next step in life. I tried graduate school and maybe it was the program but it just didn't do anything for me, I just wanted to be home with my family. I think I am going to pursue my own little business but it would mean sacrificing my every other Friday off as well a few of my evenings to work on it. I have a few different ideas but I really need some time to sit down and work through them. Most likely it will be something related to kids and their mamas but I want to create something new, not just a copycat company of what I am seen before, but something that speaks to me.

I do not need this business to make a ton of money (although wouldn't that be cool?) I just want to create something that is mine. S has his creative outlet, he gets to go play his music and create, I need that. I need it to keep my sanity.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Chronicles of an exhausted mom

Chronicles of an exhausted mom

My new renter this week is "Chronicles of an Exhausted Mom", doesn't that just say it all. She has a great post on what is really important on Memorial Day. Whether you are for against this war (I am against it), we should all remember the men and women who are over there risking their lives. I will always support those people and I think of them today as they are very far away from home.

Friday, May 26, 2006

...formally known as preschooler

When we got in the car this morning Cat said,

"Mama, can you turn the music on, I want to listen to Prince."

I guess we have moved past Laurie Berkner.

I'm back

I'm back.  I hit a little blogging burnout and needed to take a break.  I found myself stressing over blogging which was totally not the point of this blog in the first place.  So I just needed to step back for a second take a deep breath and deal with life for awhile without the computer.

So here is my week in review:

The air compressor went out on our van, this happens to be one of the most expensive items to fix on our van, and also after further Internet research is a fairly common problem with our model.  So we seriously contemplated getting a new car, as far as actually getting a home equity loan to pay for it.  However, after further contemplation we decided to just fix our van and drive it into the ground.  When we have got all of our money out of the car we will then get a new one.  A new car is cool, but we don't need one.  So that leaves us with a brand new home equity loan.  Oh what to do?  Well we have decided that we are going to pretend that we are on one of my favorite shows " Curb Appeal" and get new windows, new front door, storm door, stone patio, storage shed, covered patio overhaul and paint.  We will hire out the big jobs but most of the others we will do ourselves, we like to save a buck or two.  So that is what has been taking up all of my precious computer time lately, looking at house stuff on-line.  It is really fun even if most of the stuff is way, way out of our price range, but I still love looking. 

The kids are doing great.  Aly had a doc appointment on Monday, I can not believe she is already 21 months now.  Here are her stats: 35 1/2 inches tall and 31 pounds.  Doc says she is growing like a weed and in great health.  No appointment for Cat which she was glad to hear since last time she went in she got her flu shot and was none to happy with the nurse.  But she is doing great too, it seems like she just keeps growing out of all of her clothes.  They are getting passed down to Aly at a fast and furious pace.  Aly is already wearing Cat's 3T stuff. Aly's side of the closet is stuffed with clothes, while Cat's is looking a little grim.  I think some shopping may be in order this weekend.

I have decided to start keeping my eyes open for another job, I would just love to be closer to home.  The other day it took 2 hours to get home.  I am a staunch believer in public transportation, and because of that I need to find a place to work that will give me a sensible commute.  And so because of this decision no more blogging during my lunch break. 

A job opened up for a middle school band teacher in Camas, WA right across the river and I think S might apply for it.  He has been missing teaching lately, and I think feeling a wee bit bad that I have been feeling most of the financial burden this last year.  I would love for him to go back to work, it would be a perfect time for us especially with me looking for something new and also wanting to send Aly to a pre-preschool in the fall.  I just want her to be able to have some time with other little kids besides her sister.  That socialization was great for Cat and we would love for Aly to have the same experience.  Plus it might give me the opportunity to work part time and start a business from home part time, I would sooooooooooooo love it.  The only thing standing in his way is obtaining a Washington State teaching credential since his California one won't just transfer over.

After our nice warm weather last week it has decided to return to typical Portland spring weather which means rain.  This is great news for the plants, even better news for the weeds (which have quadrupled in size) but not such great news for kiddos who really want to play in their garden.  But it makes for some great exploration of the city.  Today, being one of my Fridays off (so loving this Friday off schedule), we went to the Portland Children's Museum.  There was a field trip there, which made it a little crazy for the kids, but let me tell you this, they loved it! Nothing better than a place you can take your kids and just let run wild.  We just sat back and watched.  I love it how kids can become best friends in a matter of seconds and then say goodbye just minutes later.  Kids social behaviour is amazing.  This is the last weekend of their Sesame Street exhibit which was a lot of fun as well.  The kids got to sit on the stoop, hang out with Elmo and the Count, dress up like Big Bird, and play with puppets.  It was a fun time and we were all tired when we got home.

I will try my hardest to get my regular posts up, hopefully I can at least start posting some house photos as we start fixing things up.

Remember by Fabric Friday posts can now be found at my new blog - Fabric Finds

Friday, May 19, 2006

Fabric Finds

I have decided to move my Friday Fabric posts and craft links over to my new blog Fabric Finds. I am hoping to concentrate more time on fabric than just once a week. I have so many great ideas and I am hoping this will get me going to finish some of my projects. I will make sure I post when I get projects done, and please let me know when you have projects that you are proud of and I will make sure to give you some props. Nobody loves a crafty mama like another crafty mama.

Some come on over and visit, okay?

Fabric Friday

I bring you this fabulous new fabric from a great online store I found called Make Me Fabrics. They have new and vintage designs. If you live near Asheville, NC you can even pick up your order for free. I would love to make a little a-line skirt out of this fabric. That with some flipflops, a white t-shirt, and a little tote bag would be the perfect little weekend shopping outfit. At least for me anyway. I only wear skirts in the spring and summer so I am getting ready to pull out some of my fabric and sew some up, dis dressed has some great suggestions for patterns. I always feel like such a tomboy that the warm weather gives me an excuse to be girly every once in a while, my husband appreciates that as well.

I am so thankful that it is Fabric Friday and I can get the McClown Baby off of the top of my blog. That was really scary, but if you are so inclined to see something even more bizarre and wrong, head on over to finding yourself despite yourself and get ready to McPuke.

Don't forget to stop by my great tenant this week: Mama? Mama Come Here! She has a fabulous blog (I love using fabulous), and since she was feeling down on herself yesterday go on over and tell her how great she is. Plus I love her profile photo, if I only I could get away with shoes like that.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Do I need to say anything about why this is so wrong?

A new blog and my newest renter

Now its time for life... is a fantastic new blog written by Maalea Mama and I am not just saying that because she is my bestest friend. She really is a great mama and like all of us has her moments of frustration. She has two "spirited" kids and is looking for a little advice as to how to deal with them sometimes. She just put up her virgin post and I am so excited for her joining this mama blogging community. Go check her out she really is the bestest!

I am also the lucky landlord to Mama? Mama Come Here. She has been on my blogroll for a while and I truly heart her. Here is her profile:

I'm a working mother of two wonderful boys. They keep me on my toes every day, yet they bring me so much joy and frustration that I'm afraid I'll burst.

Go and give her some love as she recently had some fun times spent with the MIL and a rather rude critique of her blog. She is also looking for someone to do some blog designing for her, so if you know anyone make sure you let her know.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Jabber jaws

Jabber jaws is what my parents called me when I was little.  I would talk and talk and talk with barely a breath in between my words.  However, I was painfully shy when I was not around my family or close friends.  Cat is not shy, she will talk to anyone, anywhere.   So she talks when she is home, she talks to the checker at the grocery store, she talks to the lady on the bus, she talks to whoever will listen.  I am glad that she is so outgoing but it is starting to scare me a little.  We have talked to her about strangers but instead of just not talking to strangers she will say "you are a stranger so I will not talk to you."  Then she begins to tell this "stranger" her life story including all of our names and her birth date.  We talk to her about being a nice girl and not needing to talk to everyone she sees, but I don't want to thwart her curiosity.  She loves learning about people.  How do you deal with this issue? 

Friday, May 12, 2006

We are family, I got all my sisters with me

Her Bad Mother recently posted a call to the blogging community to spread some love for our fellow bloggers. Let's celebrate our favorite Blogging Mamas for Mother's Day.

I found out about her idea when Nonlinear Girl posted about me. I couldn't believe it. I am humbled that such an articulate (which I am not), intelligent (which I hope to be), beautiful (which all us mamas are) and local mama (Portland rocks!) would call me out. Thank you! I love your little squishy baby faced girl, so adorable.

I decided to focus on a mama who writes about her life with such honesty, heartbreak and humor it puts my posts to shame. If you all have not stumbled across Desert Bitch you must go read her now. I went to one of her first posts back in March to learn a little more about her, then I found this post about the love and support she has found with her online friends. Then I read this post last month and was blown away by her story. She is a brave and cool mama with two beautiful girls and one hot Mr. I am always looking for other mamas out there who push me to write with more honesty and humility. Desert Bitch is definitely one of those crazy cool bitches out there in the interweb world. A big MWAH to you this Mother's Day. I have also been a lurker on her site for a little while so I am outing myself with this post.

Now, in honor of Her Bad Mother (who I am so adding to my blogroll), I give you my gratuitous baby photos:

Fabric Friday

Is it Friday already? Well after a fun filled week (I promise to post soon about all of that) I have now reached my Friday off. I found this fabric on Repro Depot, I love that site. The design is from Alexander Henry Fabrics and if you like this one then you will like a lot of the designs that they put out.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Feeling Groovy

I have a few minutes before heading out the door for work today and I am feeling good. I had been feeling a little grumpy since Sunday night (does getting older make you more grumpy?) I got a little venting out in my last post and you know what? This blog did it again, I feel so much better.

During my short grumpy phase I was having the hardest time even wanting to post, I couldn't think of what to write about and I felt pressure to just do something. Well, the fact was that I wasn't using this blog to its full advantage. I needed to vent. Isn't that what this thing is here for? Well, you guys read this and all but sometimes I have to admit it is a little B-O-R-I-N-G (this post included I am sure), but I love that it is here. I love that all of us in the blogging world have this great way of getting our happiness, frustration, stress, anger, silliness out into the world. That is pretty cool.

I think I am also feeling better because I got my haircut last night at my fave salon, Halo. My hairstylist is great and she has a four year old daughter with one of my most favorite names, Georgia. I just love that name and even suggested it when I was pregnant the second time around but it was vetoed by S. Anyway, isn't it amazing how a new haircut can make you feel so much happier? Let the world be damned Heather's got a new haircut and she feels good! Or perhaps I am also feeling good because I get to have a mani and pedi tonight, plus meet up with a bunch of other Portland blogging mamas. I am thrilled because I will be meeting some cool mamas, at least they seem cool from their blogs, and I get to have Spring time feet and hands. Oh what color should I pick? I had to dig through my closet to find some sandals that haven't seen day light since last Labor Day. I would love to buy me some new sandals before my pedi, I just don't have time to go out today, oh yeah I also don't have the money since I am using that for this pedi.

Da, na, na, na, na, na, feeling groovy.